About Me

Drew_Irvine_Photography_2019_The_Admin_Tree-17 - DogI am Karen Thornton, wife to Simon, Mum to Jake (19) and Joe (16) and PA (amongst other roles!) to them all!

I have spent 27 years (and a bit more!) working and supporting businesses in both the UK and Dubai in customer services, administration and event planning roles. These roles were in the retail, oil and IT industry’s.

With this experience and not forgetting 19 years as a busy wife and mum of 2 running a home I decided to create The Admin Tree, a virtual administration support service.

As well as organising and constantly checking and updating my reminders and “To Do” lists, I also enjoy netball, running, wine tasting and socialising with family and friends.

If you would like like to have a chat to find out how I can help support you in your business or home life then please get in touch through my Contact Page for a chat.